Frequently Asked Questions

"The Regency is fully committed to protecting our guests and staff from all possible health risks, most importantly, COVID-19. Please refer to the Q&A below to read more about what we are doing to protect you."

What are your check out and check in times?
Our check out is 11 AM and our check in time is 2 PM.
Do your hotel’s main entrance doors open automatically?
No, however, doors are left open and monitored by our security.
Do visitors need any form of health test before arrival?
No, we perform routine checks at our hotel’s main entrance.
What are your check in options?
Our check in options are as follows.
  • Minimal contact Check in: With this option, you are required to email scanned copies of your Identification card/passport and make payment via Paypal or submitting your credit card information directly to the manager, at least 24 hours prior to arrival.
  • Traditional Check in: You are required to provide your Identification card/Passport and make full payment upon checking in. Room keys are sanitized before being handed over.
What protection protocols do you have in place to protect your guests and staff?

The Regency has put in place several protection procedures to keep all visitors safe. These are as follow:

  • All of our staff are provided with the necessary PPE to carry out their duties.
  • All guests/visitors are required to wear a face mask
  • All guests/visitors are required to wash hands thoroughly at the sink provided
  • All guests/visitors are required to sanitize shoes using our sanitization mat
  • All guests/visitors are required to allow our staff to sanitize their bags/luggage and test their temperature.
  • Any unacceptable temperature levels may cause you to be denied entry.
  • Social distancing measures will be enforced.
  • The front desk is equipped with a thin glass separating the guests from our front desk clerk.
  • Cleaning of public areas is routinely and thoroughly done.
  • Cleaning of high touch surfaces is being done constantly.
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispensers are available at high traffic areas.
Is there a person appointed to supervise the correct implementation of these measures?
Yes, the management team is involved in the implementation of all procedures, and will ensure they are all followed.
Do you allow people who don’t stay or work at the hotel to enter its premises?
We only allow guests and staff into the hotel.
How is housekeeping/room cleaning being handled?
Our housekeeping is available to do cleaning upon your request. Our staff are well trained and equipped with the required PPE to handle their cleaning duties. You may also request a mini-cleaning kit from our front desk if you wish to do your own sanitization and skip the housekeeping service.
Are elevator rides limited?
Yes, we have set a limit of 2 guests per trip.
Is your hotel operating at a limited capacity?
Yes, we are.
Is your hotel operated by individual air conditioned units, or a central air conditioning unit?
All of our rooms have their own, independent air conditioning unit.
Is there a doctor available on site or on-call?
We have doctors on call for your health concerns.
Is there a room service option for food?
Yes, we encourage you to make room service orders. You will be e-mailed a copy of our menu upon your arrival, and you can either call to place an order, or use our website to order from your phone.
What is the procedure for out-of-hotel food delivery?
You may uplift your food order in our lobby, once the transporter of your meal follows our protection protocols.
What options do I have to pay for my accomodation?

We offer the following payment options:

  • Cash on arrival
  • Wire Transfer
What is your cancellation policy?
The Regency allows cancellations up to 24 hours before arrival. Any late cancellation will incur a charge of 1 night’s stay.
Will events be held at your hotel?
Events are not being held at the moment and will only be permitted when the country is deemed safe enough for those events to recommence.
What is your COVID protocol should a guest become suddenly infected?
We have an isolation zone set aside for any guest that may show COVID symptoms and wish to isolate. Medical professionals will be called in to verify your symptoms.
Does the hotel provide PPE?
We are selling face masks and hand sanitizer at our front desk, among other sanitary items.
Are rooms left vacant for a minimum period of time after a guest checks out?
Yes, anywhere between 24 - 48 hours.